NFP Awareness Week: Book Cover Reveal + Open Thread

I am aware of NFP.  Are you?  I’ve been aware that it’s NFP Awareness Week for some time, now, but I’m kinda tired of NFP.  I even wrote a book about it basically so I could stop thinking about it already.

I’m so darn lazy, I don’t even have the energy to put together a list of helpful links – but honestly, that’s why we have Google.   Seriously, you guys, I had a margarita last night at Theology on Tap, and then two, what do you call them, Angry Pirates.  That’s not what they’re called, but either way, the sugar and the booze is making me dumb.  I spent the whole morning assembling my daughter’s new flower pressing kit, and then I realized we could just go ahead and use a big dictionary.  And it turns out I’m supposed to make supper today, or whatever.

So I thought I’d just ask you guys:  any questions, for me or for other readers?  OH, do you want to see my book cover?!? The book is coming out in November, but I can show you the cover!  John Herreid designs covers for Ignatius Press, and because he’s my brother-in-law’s brother, he did my cover for free, possibly not realizing that I was going to be an indecisive, vague, controlling lunatic about it.  This is what we came up with.  It absolutely slays me.

So, if you were considering buying this excellent book for your parish, would the side boob dissuade you?  TOO BAD.  I love this cover so much.  Check out Adam’s hairy legs!  And the priest is like, “WHAT the–”


The Stupids Are Prepared

Every once in a while, someone writes to me looking for advice about how to run a large household with thrift and efficiency.

Why don’t I?  Because of things like this:

What?  I had a dream.  It’s going to be a bad scene, folks — the great ketchup famine of ’14.  Be prepared!  Plus, it’s not often that I come out looking worse than Mrs. Pig,

At least she bought all that ketchup on purpose. I, on the other hand, just suck at making shopping lists.



Product review: Pet Vet Center

I don’t usually do product reviews, but I’m so pleased with the birthday present we just gave our six-year-old daughter! It’s the Pet Vet Center by Lakeshore Learning Materials.

I thought it was kind of pricy at $29.99, but ordered it anyway because I was in a rush.  Turns out it’s really high quality.  The puppy is extremely sturdy and much bigger than I expected, and the legs are jointed, so you can pose it.  The cards and other accessories are heavy and durable.  The biggest surprise was the stethoscope.  It actually works!  We’ve had a LOT of doctor sets in our day, and the stethoscope usually works about as well putting a glass on a wall.  But with this one, the sounds are very clear and very loud.  You can hear your heart beating and your gut swishing around.  Very cool.

It doesn’t come with a carrying case, but the box is very strong and looks like it will last.  Overall, a very nicely designed toy, very appealing and sturdy, and made with actual kids in mind.

I ordered it through Amazon.  As with all the Amazon products I link to, I get a small percentage of any sale made (including any product on Amazon.  So if you click on a link I post on a book review, browse around, and end up ordering Epsom salts and a package of underwear, I still get a percentage).


Soon you’ll have to opt IN to get porn online in the UK

Says David Cameron, the Prime Minister:

Children can’t go into the shops or the cinema and buy things meant for adults or have adult experiences – we rightly regulate to protect them.

But when it comes to the internet in the balance between freedom and responsibility, we have neglected our responsibility to our children.

My argument is that the internet is not a side-line to ‘real life’ or an escape from ‘real life’; it is real life.

It has an impact: on the children who view things that harm them on the vile images of abuse that pollute minds and cause crime on the very values that underpin our society.

He is introducing a number of measures to make it harder for people to look at child porn and depictions of rape.  And pornographic images will automatically be filtered out by default, unless you deliberately opt out of the filter.

But what about free speech?  I’ve been around and around that mulberry bush more times than I can count, so I’m no longer surprised when people imagine that a free society entitles them to shit all over the whole world — and that it’s parents’ job to shovel a little path through the shit for their kids, if they’re going to be super uptight about it.

This law doesn’t outlaw pooping.  It just acknowledges that shit is shit, and it should be treated accordingly.

It should be hard to find porn.  It should be embarrassing.  Using it should make you feel nervous and guilty, because it is bad for you, bad for your family, and bad for society.  And if you are enslaved to it, you should be grateful that the public and private sectors are working together to make it less accessible and normalized.

How I wish we could see laws like this in the United States.  It’s still a parents’ job to protect children, and it’s still up to the individual to fight back against the flood of porn.  But making it a little less normal, a little less accessible, is a wonderful thing.

For help in breaking an addiction to porn, or for dealing with it if your spouse is addicted, see these resources:

Integrity Restored

Matt Fradd’s The Porn Effect

Fight the New Drug

Porn No More

Marcel Lejeune’s list of strategies.

Feel free to add your own recommendations in the comment box.  Porn is powerful and corrosive, but the fight against it is by no means hopeless!