I hate to see that evening sun go down.

Best title I could come up with to point you toward this Tumblr, whose curator simply explains: “I search craigslist for photos of mirrors for sale and post them here.”





via Gawker.  Mirrors are awfully strange — even stranger when we are trying to look at them, not into them.  Such a world full of looking without seeing, showing without meaning.  The trees seem to be all right, though.



Did you know that when trees get old, they don’t stop growing, or even stop reproducing?  If anything, they speed up.  In theory, if you could let a tree grow in a field with no damaging winds, weather, earthquakes, no invasive bugs or diseases, it would go on growing and growing and growing and making new seeds forever.  Of course, there is no such field.

I also had to turn off “Wee Sing America” because it was too sad.  Yes, I am eating my spinach.


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