PSA: The best place to buy dress-up costumes for kids

… is The Little Dress Up Shop. This is not a paid promotion; I’m just a very happy customer who knows a lot about all the ways costumes can go wrong. Here’s why we love The Little Dress-Up Shop:

So far, we’ve bought one Anna and one Elsa dress from them, and both are lovely and machine washable, not itchy, machine washable, not flimsy, machine washable, not skimpy or skanky, and you can put them in the washing machine, because they are machine washable (see Gardening Anna, above). The prices are reasonable, too, and shipping is free in the U.S. They have other costumes besides dresses.

What about customer service? This is actually what prompted me to write this post.

We ordered an Elsa dress for another of my girls for her birthday. The package came a few days later, but it turned out to be another Anna dress! I was so bummed, because they promise an easy exchange, but it would not get there in time for the birthday. Plus, it’s not exactly free shipping if I have to ship it back. So I made an inquiry that night around midnight, and the next morning, I got this email:

Sorry to hear we sent you the wrong dress. We are sending out the Large Elsa out today, Priority mail so you can receive by Sunday.

With the dress will be a white, postage-paid envelope to return the Anna dress back to us.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

They didn’t ask to see a photo of the dress or the packing slip or anything; they just believed me and fixed the problem. Customer. For. Life. The new dress came right away, and the kid loves it.

[img attachment=”82554″ size=”medium” alt=”benny elsa” align=”alignnone”]

We’ve already run it through the wash once, and it came out great: velour still plushy, gemstone and rick rack still attached, shiny parts still shiny, sparkles still sparkly, tulle still tooling along, not all scrumbled up. Little Dress Up Shop, moms. The deadline to order for Christmas is tomorrow, Friday the 11th, so check it out!


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