Big family tip #43932: How to organize a million mittens

It’s finally truly cold here, which means that a week ago, I bit the bullet and ordered new waterproof gloves for everyone; and that means that today, I finally found that missing bag of mittens and gloves that I washed, sorted, and packed away last year. They were under the bed. I did look under the bed. I don’t know.

We have very little storage space (no room for anything hanging overhead, or in a closet, or free-standing on the floor), so this is how we keep a million mittens and gloves sorted and accessible: with a couple of tiered skirt hangers with clips, like this:

[img attachment=”88531″ align=”aligncenter” size=”medium” alt=”skirt hanger” /]

I hung them flat against the wall with a screw, one below the other. It’s cheap, and I can easily take it down when mitten season is over.

Like every organizational system, it doesn’t work by itself. It only works if I nag the kids incessantly to hang up their mittens when they get home. Even then, they only do it about half the time. But it’s better than what we had before, which was a horrible plastic tub full of moldering mittens, wet math homework, cheese sticks, single soccer cleats, thumb tacks, broken Sculpey cats, and some more moldering mittens, but not ones that match the first mittens.

Next time: how to figure out which cheese sticks spark joy and which do not.


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