How did I ACTUALLY spend my summer vacation?

Sad person wrote sadly about sadness of summer, and the existential desire to prove that we love and are beloved as summer draws to an end. But it wasn’t just all moping and maundering and wallowing in the exquisite bathos of that squooshy spot where memory meets love.

No, there was also . . . a lot of TV-watching. Specifically, some of my older kids really got into the hilarious show 30 Rock (and yes, we skipped a few of the more inapwopwo episodes).

For some reason, one scene that really hit home was the one where uberhick Kenneth invents a new game show, and as he tries to sell it to the network, he accidentally wields a powerful bargaining chip by implying that he’s in talks with [CBS CEO Les] Moonves. In fact, Kenneth is referring to Moonvest, a batty homeless guy sporting a vest with moons on it.

In what is obviously part of a daily ritual, Moonvest says . . . well, see for yourself:

Okay, so what happened next is that, for some reason, we taught the baby to do this:

As always, I am unable to judge the severity of my actions.

We also went to the fair, okay? And we toasted marshmallows one time.


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