Take the pledge: Today, I shut up.

You’ll find this hard to believe, but yesterday I was kind of a jerk on Facebook. I wasn’t wrong, but I sure acted like a jerk. Christina SC, I am sorry I was a jerk to you.

Here’s my plan: Today, I shut up about politics. I will not post, write, or comment about the election, about Trump, about any other candidate or political entity, or about people who voted for Trump, or about why people voted for Trump.


I will try not to read anything about politics. Just for today! I want to finish up the day without feeling like this, just for one day:

Tomorrow, we’ll see. Are you with me? Want to take the pledge, just for today?



5 thoughts on “Take the pledge: Today, I shut up.

  1. With the death of our niece’s newborn last evening and the imminent death of my ward who has gone to Hospice, I realize that there are bigger things to think about than politics. God bless you, Simcha.


  2. Is one day really going to do it? I’ve been signed off from all social/news media since last week (excepting what I must endure for work) and I’m still not ready to go back. As long as I keep getting a tight chest at the thought of other people, their thoughts and their opinions, then Ima gonna stick with listening to the saint cast and reading classics. Probably straight on through to Epiphany. It’s quite peaceful. I recommend.


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